Our Principles and Core Values

UpperStage Capital was founded on the set of guiding principles and core values that our team shares. Our values reflect how we make decisions as a team and to the creation of a positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole. 

For us, "Don't be evil" is just not good enough. 
Be Awesome. 

Foster an inclusive environment, promote, and celebrate diversity.


Foster a fearless culture where everyone feels free to speak up and object, and everyone recognizes that people-pleasing and groupthink can be detrimental to making good decisions.


Listen to others, hear their ideas, respond to their concerns, and appreciate the value of collaborating to obtain different perspectives.


Be honest, ethical, compassionate, respectful, and fair.


Acknowledge mistakes and encourage learning from them.


Be confident, when asking for help, that the team will respond with support.


Call out behaviour that is contrary to the Principles, and compassionately assist in improving it.


Not tolerate bullying, bigotry, dishonesty, or closed-mindedness.


Not invest in companies that are harmful to humans, animals or the planet (weapons, fossil fuels, narcotics, exploitation).


Not invest in companies that violate any of the above Principles.


Apply all Principles within UpperStage, its portfolio, and in our interactions with all other parties.

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Our Principles Guide Us in What We Do