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UpperStage.Capital acquires Canadian cleantech building materials leader Talius

Vancouver, Canada, 2021 October 26

UpperStage.Capital Inc. announces its acquisition of Talius, a British Columbia-headquartered cleantech building materials company. Talius has been Canada’s premier supplier of high-end rollshutters and habitat screens for over forty years, and is UpperStage’s first private equity acquisition.

“After 20 years in cleantech and impact venture capital, developing a new hands-on investment model with our 8-person team has been a rewarding challenge,” said UpperStage CEO Keith Gillard. “Talius represents a perfect example of our investment thesis: A bootstrapped company with world-class products, ready to compete globally, and seeking new leadership to rocket to the next level of success.”

Ken Shi, co-founder of the $5B venture capital firm 5Y Capital and one of UpperStage’s earliest supporters, commented, “As a successful investor, I share UpperStage’s vision of bringing Canadian companies to the global stage. As soon as I understood UpperStage’s proprietary model, I really wanted to be part of their adventure.”

UpperStage COO Frank Christiaens added, “I am very excited to step in as Executive Chair of Talius. Talius rollshutters mitigate the severest impact of climate change while Talius Habitat Screens substantially reduce the CO2 footprint of new and existing high rise residential or office buildings. UpperStage is building Talius into the next great Canadian cleantech success story.”


Talius is a cleantech building materials company specializing in the manufacturing of solutions for shade, security, and storm protection. Designed to perform well in any climate and resilient enough to withstand forced entry, Talius products are the trusted choice to provide shade, security and storm protection for residential, commercial, and institutional clients.


UpperStage.Capital is growth equity, for good: a buy-out investor combining ESG impact investment and operational experience to boost profitable businesses to their next level of success. Founded in 2021, UpperStage brings together experienced ESG impact investment professionals with proven operators, including five serial entrepreneurs. UpperStage has team members in Vancouver, Toronto, and Shenzhen, and acquires major stakes in profitable North American companies making ESG impact across Sustainability, Wellness, and Community.

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