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Kookai Chaimahawong

ESG Partner

Ms. Chaimahawong is an impact and ESG investment professional who has a breadth of experience in integrating impact and ESG across startup companies, the United Nations, and Venture Capital funds. As an ESG Partner, Ms. Chaimahawong sets the fund’s strategic direction on its Impact and ESG strategies and is responsible for ensuring that investment opportunities meet the firm’s impact criteria and that ESG factors are incorporated in investment decisions and value creation toolkits across portfolio companies. She acts as the portfolio's first ESG Officer, helping them strategize and set annual targets to improve its performance. 

Ms.Chaimahawong is also a venture partner with The51, which invests in females and underrepresented founders. She is the co-chair of the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Forum, an Advisory Committee Member of Canadian Women in Venture Capital and serves on a Faculty Advisory Board of the UBC Sauder School of Business. 

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