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ESG: Why we do what we do

UpperStage’s approach to ESG incorporation is rooted in the investment process of our management principles. For us, the integration of environmental, social and governance factors is not just for risk screening but is crucial to sustainable value creation and long-term performance advantages. It is the reason why we do what we do. 

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Materiality Analysis & Baseline Evaluation

ESG Training with Management Team 

ESG Targets &
Action Plan

Progress Beyond Reporting


Measuring the Immeasurable

For ESG, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. UpperStage identifies material ESG factors based on recognized standards and frameworks and conducts an initial baseline evaluation prior to acquisition.


Hands-on Operations

ESG is on top of mind for our Operating Partners. ESG is not a one-time exercise or a PR excuse. Along with the Operating Partners, UpperStage assigns a dedicated ESG practitioner to detail the strategy, set the targets and coordinate the implementation.


A Practical ESG Action Plan

We don’t just talk about “ESG” but we put them into an action plan. Navigating the maze of ESG factors can be overwhelming itself, UpperStage sets annual targets and applies prioritization principles to maintain, improve, and optimize ESG factors


Positioning for Success

ESG is here to stay and tomorrow’s companies will need to get ESG right from the start. By operationalizing ESG to achieve the targeted outcomes, UpperStage positions the companies for success and support our potential buyers with ESG progress and playbook.

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